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Some of you have already read Stalking Hazel, a novella of Pine Haven. The Pine Haven series launches soon with Finding Fiona, which will be available for preorder later this month! I’m super excited to get this novel out to you, not only because it launches my first series, and one that I’m passionate about, but because I simply love Fiona and my other characters. And I’m positive you will too!

To tide you over until then, and to introduce you to the rogue paranormal the PBI comes to Hanson Mills to neutralize, I have a flash fiction I wrote for the Ladies of Horror Flash Fiction Project. I hope you enjoy the flash as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Beware the Weregon

Mac scanned the horizon from his vantage point high atop the cliff. Before him stretched the glassy expanse of Big Bear Lake, lit by the full moon. The Blue Moon, second full moon of the month, was incredibly bright, illuminating the rocky beach below. The lake was calm, the surface so still it resembled a mirror, reflecting the trees and the moon. Behind him, Samuel stumbled from the forest, trudging towards him across the clearing. He was breathing heavily; he had about seventy five pounds on Mack though he stood two inches shorter.

“You going to make it, bud?” Mac clapped him on the shoulder.

“Yeah,” Sam wheezed, bending forward, placing his hands on his thighs and panting audibly. After a few minutes, he straightened. “I think I heard something in the woods.”

Mac chuckled. His younger brother was not a fan of either nature or physical activity; he was still amazed he’d gotten him to come camping. But after their father’s passing, Mac was determined they spend more time together, even if he had to force Sam to for his own good. The kid needed to get out of the house more, do something with his life besides play video games and watch horror movies while eating pizza.

“It’s probably a deer, moose, or any other number of forest creatures.”

“Um, no. This sounded big.” Sam’s voice was tinged with fear.

“A bear is rather unlikely. Whatever it is, no doubt it’s just as scared of you. We can head back to the campsite as soon as you fully enjoy this view.”

Sam rolled his eyes, turning to face the ocean. He appeared impressed, even though he continued to throw fearful glances over his shoulder. “It really is beautiful, man. Thanks for bringing me.”

Mac smiled. “You’re welcome. I knew you’d love it.”

“Yeah, now just get me out of here before something eats me.”

Mac shook his head, and they started back the way they’d come. Ten minutes in, Mac stopped. Sam ran into the back of him.

“Shh!” Mac warned with a finger to his lips. He held very still, turning his head from side to side. A loud crash sounded behind them, and thudding footsteps pounded the path, headed in their direction.

Sam took off, moving faster than Mac had ever seen him move, towards the campsite. Mac whirled around and crouched, shotgun at the ready, nerves steady. He took aim in the direction of the sounds, and waited for a visual. The blood froze in his veins. He managed to get off a shot, pumped fast, and fired again. The large blue monster jumped, rolled, and was on top of him before he could do more. The thing stunk of blood, sweat, and an odd rotten smell Mac couldn’t identify.

He grappled with the creature trying like hell to sink teeth into his throat. It was strong; stronger than he, and bigger too, impossible as that seemed. Mac was six foot three of pure muscle, but he was losing this battle. Three tours in the sandbox and I’m going to die at the hands of Cookie Monster’s evil twin, he thought morosely.

Suddenly, light blazed and the thing sprung off him, howling in pain. It hunched a few yards ahead, and Mac took advantage of his unexpected freedom to spring up and grab his gun. The thing growled, but came no closer, furiously patting at a smoking spot on its arm. He risked a glance behind him. Sam stood a few yards away, holding the flare gun in his hands. The expression on his face spoke volumes about his level of terror, but his hand held steady.

“Back up, Mac. Slowly.”

Mac did as told and stopped beside Sam. “What’s going on here?”

“It’s a Weregon. They only come out at the Blue Moon. Most aren’t vicious, but occasionally you get a rogue. Battled them in Merlin’s Saga II on PlayStation 4. We don’t have the resources to kill it, but I’ll report to the Guild.”

“First, who are you, and what have you done with my brother? Second, a where a what? Third, what guild?” Mac kept a wary eye on the monster.

“A Where-a-gon, half blue fairy, half werewolf. Very rare. I’m still Sam, and I’m scared shitless, but I guess playing first person video games isn’t all useless. The fantasy gamer’s guild. They keep track of strange things people actually see in the real world. Get ready to run.”

Sam fired two more flares at the monster, shouted, “Run,” and they both hauled ass. They blew past the campsite, straight to Mac’s jeep without stopping. As they sped away, down the mountain, Mac peeked at Sam. His brother was white faced, wide eyed, and clutching his chest.

Mac patted him on the back. “You did good, bro. Saved my life. I’ll never knock your gaming again.”

Sam let out a shaky breath and tried to smile. “Thanks, Mac. No more camping, like ever.”

I’ll be changing up my free download for joining my newsletter shortly. You’ll still be able to purchase Stalking Hazel on Amazon if you didn’t get the free download, but I’ll be running a different incentive. So if you want to be in the Pine Haven series section of my subscribers…hurry up! The next free download will be a dark fantasy novella based on one of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. It will be ready as soon as I get the cover from the cover artist. Which will be any day now.


For those of you waiting for more Pine HavenFinding Fiona will be going up for pre order by the end of the month!


What happens when a witch has no idea she’s a witch? Mayhem, that’s what. When PBI investigators Kyle Gibson, Cian O’Malley, and Larry De Groot travel to a small Midwestern town to neutralize a rogue paranormal, they don’t expect to find an untutored witch with no idea what she is.

Fiona MacDougal has never felt like she belonged to her oh-so-perfect family. Even her boyfriend is flawless, while she’s a klutzy, curly-haired, mess who always seems to have the strangest accidents. But when she meets the members of the PBI and learns she’s a witch, she’ll finally realize she doesn’t have to be perfect to fit in or find love. She only has to accept herself.


I can’t wait for you to meet my lovable, but rebellious and accident prone heroine. Along with a cast of characters I hope you’ll love as much as I do.


The series will continue with Kissing Cian. Cian O’Malley is a century and half year old blue faerie who thinks she doesn’t need love, especially from a fickle werewolf. But when Hazel is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding, Cian will have to team up with Leo’s brother, who happens to be her on again/ off again partner, Larry. Can they save Hazel in time for her wedding? Can Larry show Cian vulnerability doesn’t make you weak–love gives you strength?


I’m having so much fun writing this series! I think it’s kind of a cross between Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. I’ll also be debuting another trilogy in January. Book One of the Touched by Fate trilogy, Kiss of the Banshee, will be released. Stay tuned for more writing news, book cover reveals, and all sorts of other fun things.

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Yep, I have my first new release in, hmm, four years? It’s been a long dry spell, that’s for sure. And yes, I did genre hop. Thanks for noticing. This story was originally written for an anthology that never quite happened. So I set it aside for a long time. But I couldn’t get the characters, or the fun I’d had creating them, out of my head. Then I got the idea for a series, and this seemed the perfect story for an introduction to the series. It’s been reworked, beta read, reworked, edited, and re edited (because I’m picky like that), and got a shiny cover (which I’m really happy with!). Thank you to Broken Candle Designs for the cover.


The story is a light-hearted, comedic, paranormal romance. And I hope that readers enjoy reading Hazel and Leo’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. How do you get it? Two ways…you can download the story for free in kindle, epub, or pdf version simply by joining my newsletter. Navigate to the “Home” page of this website and you should get a cute pop up. If not, there’s a clearly marked link. I promise to only send super cute, non spammy newsletters. Or, if you prefer, you can buy it on Amazon for 99 cents. Your choice. But either way, if you read it, let me know what you think.


Writing is not easy. Don’t let anyone tell you it is. I know, it seems like a glamorous profession. And there are those authors who make it look easy (Stephen King, I’m looking at you). But it’s actually work, just like any job. That’s the thing about choosing to turn your hobby into your profession–it’s no longer just about enjoying yourself. Now it’s about deadlines, and marketing, and money. Boo.

It’s mostly about me in my comfy clothes (tbh, some days that does mean pajamas), drinking coffee (or water, depending on the time of day), and doing a variety of tasks. I might be writing, or I might have fallen down a rabbit hole of research (this happens frequently), or I might be having a video meeting with my accountability partner (hi, Beth!), or I might be studying (yes, there is ALWAYS more to learn), or I might be banging my head on the desk because I absolutely cannot figure out Mailchimp. Or Google analytics, or the intricacies of Amazon algorithms. Then again, I might be giving my brain a break by doing dishes (usually while watching a podcast because multitasking like a boss!), watching a documentary on 17th century England (even though it has nothing to do with what I write), figuring out a plot hole or scene beat, or I’ve just lost track of time while in Facebook land.

I wish it was easy. I wish I could churn out a book a month, make my own covers, and handle my marketing like a pro. But I’m simply not made that way. So bear with me. I’ll keep putting my butt in my chair and plugging away. Send chocolates. And wine.