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Welcome to the world of Author Stacey Turner. I write things and then hope you’ll read them. I write Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, and Horror.

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“Hello, Leo.” Hazel eyed the man out of the corner of her eye. Had he been following her? She tamped down a shiver of alarm. Lately, she ran into Leo everywhere–sometimes, literally. Hazel had a problem paying attention to where she walked. He needed a haircut; he had to keep swiping a lock of hair out of his eyes. Of course, she was used to men who kept their hair cropped short, or shaved, for less water resistance. He towered over her 5’3″ frame. With his swarthy complexion, muscles, and golden earring, he reminded her of a pirate. His eyes held a sort of sadness, and Hazel rarely saw him smile, a genuine smile anyway. He always wore more of a smirk. Dark and brooding seemed to be his modus operandi.

From: Stalking Hazel